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New Look and Design in Time for Halloween

I just want to start off by saying that I appreciate everyone who has made any comments about the site and all those who have personally contacted me about becoming part of O.P.R.A. or at least join us on some of our ghostly adventures so to speak.

As of right now O.P.R.A. is on hold - I personally had to move to South Florida because of family issues and left the team behind in Orlando. You can check the Guestbook to meet tons of enthusiastic ghost hunters who may be still practicing in Orlando or areas around it. I'm glad the Guestbook is working like a small forum for other people to meet each other.

Obviously I'm working on a new look for the site. Something more professional and easier to navigate. This home page should be done in time for Halloween and then give me time to start converting and cleaning up the other pages.

I also have added a link to a "User Submitted" page - which is just that, a page for you, fans, friends and enthusiasts of the sort who want to post scary stuff they have personally photographed, video recorded, evp'd etc. Just email me the details on what you want me to post.

I'm going to keep this page updated with news around the world about haunted issues, movies and more. Though I'm not able to "hunt" right now I'm still very active in the community and get many invites to ghost meetings, events and more.

Destination Truth

My personal new favorite, well not new but one of my favorite reality shows is Destination Truth. If you are not watching this on ScyFy every Wednesday night you are missing out on clever dialogue, a great host and even better locations.

For those who don't know, it airs directly after Ghost Hunters Wednesday nights at 10pm. The host Joshua Gates is a great host - witty, funny and most importantly not annoying to watch. I don't understand these overweight "ghost hunters" who play the father figure role on the other shows and boss the other members around. Made for TV drama - something Gates doesn't do.

The locales of the show take place all over the world so it almost is a travel show as much as a monster searching reality tv show. Joshua's cute side kick adds some spanish sexiness to the show as well which is just another plus for an already well produced show.

My favorite episode is definitely the doll house I think in Mexico - there is a scene where Josh is talking to the camera standing next to a pillar of old raggedy dolls with their eyes closed. He jokingly tells the camera "I hope this thing's eyes don't open.." (or something in that context) and the doll's eyes open. Very freaky!

A Short Look Back...

When I put this site together over 3 years ago I used the basic Front Page program with just the thought of putting all the pictures I was collecting by exploring the paranormal somewhere for keeps sake. At the time it was just my girlfriend and I, a crappy digital camera, voice recorder and an EMF detector.

Within 6 months I had a group of talented and super smart members with an honest passion of the other side. We helped a few people and learned a ton of information on the paranormal. Then the show "Ghost Hunters" started getting popular and like everything else the paranormal investigation passion was now commercialized with "spooky" sound effects and immature people taking the passion we all have as an excuse to get drunk and do drugs at a cemetery.

My last investigation was at an abandoned warehouse set to be built in the early 1900's with permission to be there. Police showed up and almost arrested the group and I because "kids have been doing drugs here" - that was my last time investigating


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